NuHome Technologies is a premium low-voltage electronics solutions provider based in Los Angeles, California. We are a state-licensed contractor and authorized product reseller, specializing in high-end designs with a vision of technological sophistication coupled with homely simplicity and elegance. See the process page for our three key steps of customer engagement.


NuHome Technologies was conceived by Lauran Elmastian as an enterprise dedicated to his own values:passion for one’s chosen work, perfection in that endeavor, and persistence to actualize these principles. The 3 P’s of NuHome Tech are baked into the company’s culture, which sees low-voltage contracting as an opportunity to meticulously blend sophisticated technology with the real-world demands of homes and businesses. We don’t see our work as simply designing, installing and maintaining technology, but rather creating actual experiences for our customers. The goal isn’t for you to think about cameras and recording equipment, but to simply feel safe. Our customers should never have to think about which buttons on the remote to press, or which speakers to enable, but to simply bathe in a full immersion of entertaining sights and sounds when they please. Dimming the lights and setting precise automated schedules for that action should never preoccupy our customers; they should simply be able to comfortably see, whatever magic that might require. Programming today’s modern electronics to provide this sort of transparent operation is a task that takes finesse and patience. It’s as much an art as it is a science (and a business). Proper installation and programming technique also makes the process much more efficient and less costly, saving time and unnecessary repeat visits. With NuHome Tech’s 3P philosophy, we have nurtured this art and strongly wish to apply it in your home or business. That way you can enjoy today’s marvels the way they were meant to be: simply, conveniently and affordably.


Values are the most important hidden factors which control our ambitions, dreams and drive in life. What we value determines what life means to us and what actions we take. We believe that your custom home theater, audio, and lighting are the critical building blocks for pleasance, and the first step for enriching every moment within your home. Let us show you how our solutions can help you add value to your home. Look from another perspective. Move forward with the latest technology to gain modern solutions. Create a system that’s simple. Access your systems in an easy and user-friendly way simple enough for the whole family to use. Function in a neat fashion. Keep all cables and wires neat, hidden and under control. Design your space. Inspire originality in every room with custom interior design planning and all the accessories which help bring your vision to life. Work in harmony. Integrate all your multimedia and security systems to have everything working together. Strive for excellence. Inspire originality in every room with custom interior design planning and all the accessories which help bring your vision to life.


Our customer engagement process involves three key steps, described below.


As a customer, it is your job to dream, and dream big. As a solutions provider, our job is to turn your vision into reality, installed and programmed to spec, ready for you to use with the simple push of a button. Our process begins with an initial consultation for our specialists to understand the scope of your project and ensure its proper execution.


Dreams turn to reality during this crucial step. By appointment, our specialists will install and setup each and every component of your project. No matter how simple or complex the installation may be, we assure the highest standards of cleanliness. After installation is complete, our specialists will guide you through every part of your setup, working closely with you until you are able to seamlessly use your system.